by Kyle
(Fayson Lakes, New Jersey)

I live in a small family friendly community called Fayson Lakes. Here, plenty of people fish, and I am one of them. I am twelve years old and have been fishing since I was six recently the annual fishing derby came up. As every year I participated this year I won first with a five pound ten ounce walleye. That's only the beginning. The following day was father’s day so we used our left over bait to go for a drift or two. We got to the center of the lake on our first drift. We were by Blueberry Island when WAMMM my pole went I grabbed it and hooked him. I fought for a long time. It was over powering me until it gave up I got it to the surface where my dad’s girlfriend tried to scoop it into the net but it got its energy back and took another dive towards the bottom now I was worried that the 6 pound test would snap but it gave up again this time for good we got it in the boat and I was extremely excited to measure and weigh this rainbow trout. When we got home later, my dad was planning on smoking the trout but after we measured it in at 29 inches and 9.7 pounds my dad said he has ever caught a trout that big and this might be a once in a life time trout for me so he got it mounted for me. Iit's still in the process of being mounted so, unfortunately I have no photo but my dad keeps saying that was the most expensive father’s day of his life!!!!!!! Thanks for reading.

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