Don't get too excited when reeling that big northern in...........

by Dustin
(Garrison, MN)

Don't get too excited while reeling that big northern in when there is a hot Coleman propane lantern in your 1 man shack pack made of "meltable" fabric!

I thought that Pike was huge the way it took my lure and made my reel whine. About 6 feet of line was gone before I could set my drag. Next, I flipped open my portable so I could reach in the ice hole and grab that monster out! Well, when I did, I discovered my 'monster' was only about a 5 pounder!

In all the excitement I had forgotten about my lantern. It had melted itself through the wall of my 1 man! That ended that fishing outing. It was too cold to fish in the open (-25F) so I packed up and went home with the 'little big' monster.

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