C & R nets protect fish

Brodin's Gallatin Ghost Catch & Release Net

      Modern C & R fly fishing nets are generally made of either rubberized materials, urethane-impregnated nylon, or poly-vinyl chloride (PVC). The process is injection molded to hold the net in place. Extra reinforcing for strength is placed at the yoke.

      The frames of the nets are mostly teak, maple, or ash because these woods are lighter and will not warp in water.

      When put into water, Brodin's new Ghost series net "becomes translucent and is less likely to spook fish." A non-traumatized fish stands a better chance of survival.

Brodin Catch and Release net

Both Brodin (American made) and Environet (Australia) make excellent landing nets for the C & R angler. Neither one makes the old-fashioned knotted-net, which can do tremendous harm to the gill plates and fins of our fishy friends. Hooks won’t snag either, not even dropper fly rigs.

So, without the frustration of untangling hooks, tippets, and fish from knotted nets you will have more time to enjoy your sport.

Catch and Release Environet

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