Ah, fly rod parts - it's hard to make a fly rod without them.

      Test your knowledge. Scroll down and you will see photos of the major parts of a fly rod. Underneath the photos are the common names of each part. See how many you can correctly identify and then on a piece of paper try to draw a fly rod with the pieces in the correct position.

      I hope you have fun. Remember, you are not taking apart and putting together again an M-16 rifle. Your life does not depend on total accuracy or an indispensable knowledge of each and every part. This is just for fun.

      Of course, knowing the parts of your rod might be helpful in certain situations, especially if you need to replace a part and don't want to appear uninformed.

      P.S. You will not necessarily use all the parts to build the rod.

      Research, Research, Research



1) Fly Rod Thread 2) Fly Rod Snake Guide Set 3) Butt Caps 4) Cork Rod Handles 5) Cork Rings 6) Cork Grips 7) Rod Lettering Decals 8) Reel Seats 9) Hookkeepers and winding checks 10) Fly Rod Top 11) Rod Blanks

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