How I caught my biggest fish ever

by Todd Buchanan
(Fairland, Indiana, USA)

My buddy and I were fishing a lake in Northwest Ontario. We were fishing a rock ledge approximately 58' feet deep. I was using my 7' walleye rod with 8 pound test, a pink floating jig head Carolina rigged and tipped with a dead minnow. We sunk it to the bottom with a 3 oz weight. Anyhow after jigging for a while I hooked something but thought my line was stuck in between some rocks, after messing for a while trying to get free I felt the resistance move. After reeling and gaining ground the spool would just spin again and release more line. The drag was buzzing and then I would start all over trying to gain ground again. After 15 minutes of fighting the fish it surfaced and I finally saw that it was a lake trout only to have it see me and set off again to the depths. After about 10 more minutes I finally got it in close enough to get him in the net. It turned out to be a 21 lb lake trout. To this day it is the largest fish I have ever caught.

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