how i cought a 3.4 oz gold nugget fishing in alaska

by A Ray Phillips
(phoenix az)

When i was 17 years old i went to stay with my older brother Robert in Alaska. He would take me fishing on the weekends to fish for salmon on the Keni River. One weekend he had to work so he couldn't take me out in the boat. So I went down to the river to try some bank fishing. I was there all day when I caught my first fish. As soon as I brought the fish to the bank I saw something in the water. i didn’t think much about it at first but later,v about 10:00 pm -- yes 10:00 pm, it light 24-7 in the Alaskan summer -- i was about to pack it in and as i was gathering my gear i saw the gold looking thing in the water again. So i waded in about to my knees and grabbed the gold looking thing. It turned out to be a 3.4 oz. Gold nugget. i sold the gold in town the next day for $2.500. I went back the next few days looking for more gold, with no luck.

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