how ma buddy caught his biggest red ever.....

by michael cody dominguez
(hebbronville,TX (fish was caught in Rivera,TX))

Big.......Real Big !!!   Somethin' like this one here.

Big.......Real Big !!! Somethin' like this one here.

ok well the day started off like this....we got bored and decided to go fishin just a thrill of the moment kinda thing so we called all our friends and it ended up that they were all working or outa town already so ma buddy troy ma other buddy jr and me were headin out to our spot in rivera,TX and we stopped to pick up another guy on the way we got to our spot and waded in about thigh high and first catch was mine a 16 in black drum second was jr a 14 in black drum and so on and finally troy was feelin little nibbels here and there and he decided to real in his line cause he thought he'd been "jacked" as we like to call it haha and as he was realin in his line he felt it startin to put up a little bit of a fight and the closer he came the more of a fight it put up and he was usin this 10 ft eagle claw rod with a shakspear reel with 20 lb line and that rod started bendin more and more and me jokingly said "son you prolly caught an old tire or somethin" haha and he continued reelin and once the line was almost all the way in we see this huge fin and our buddy jr said "oh sh** shark!!!!" haha and troy says "get the net" so i hurry and get the net and i bring that fish up and it turns out bein a 27 1/2" redfish...funny thing is that he didnt catch it on his hook....the fish had busted a line and the leader that the fish had got tangled on troys leader and thats how ma buddy troy caught the biggest red fish in his life lol

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