My 1st smallest catch

by Samuel Wathen
(Mulvane Ks)

It all took place in Kansas one day when I got my 1st catch. I was about to reel in thinking my bobber was too far away, when my line went from left to right, left to right. I was hoping it was an adult --I had the whole night crawler on my hook. I reeled it in. It didn't look like a hard fight, but when a little head poked off the cliff I then knew for a fact that it wasn't big enough to eat. When I brought it up the cliff, Mike, my brother told me it was a large mouth bass, & dad got it off that small old hook that mom picked out for me. I didn't get to feel it but that was okay. We then released the baby fish back in the lake, but he got stuck, & dad then had to give him a push, but still he or she's alive, & it's probably heading back to its mom & dad. And that's the story about a boy's 1st catch.
The End.

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