My Unlucky Day

by jerri

The most interesting fish story I could tell would be the one when I was 6yrs old. My family had decieded to go fishing on jackfish lake, it was for my brothers 8th birthday. My mother and I had decieded that Saturday morning that just us two girls were going to go fishing on the lake. I was a small child and I did not have my own rod yet. They couldnt find one small enouh yet. The smallest one they had was the one my brother had recieved, the night before as his birthday gift(among other stuff). He played the brotherly role and let me use his so I could go. My mother and I went out to one of her favorite spots off to the side of the lake, not quite the middle. That morning was beautiful. the sun was shinning, the lake was calm. After 10 mins or so of learning to bait my hook and being shown how to cast the rod, i finally was able to relax and wait to see what would happen. We chatted on and off for about an hour when suddenly i felt a tug on the end of my line. Being a small person i was trying to reel that fish in the best I could while my mother put her rod down and came over to help me. The rod was starting to get heavy and was starting to bend. Just as she was reaching over to grab the rod i was tugged forward by the rod, and it slipped out of my hands as my mother grabbed the back of my lifejacket to keep me from following the rod. Needless to say I was not allowed to try and retrieve my brother's birthday rod (which they did replace) and returned back to camp. That was not a good day in general. My mother let me use her rod later in the afternoon when the rest of the family came along to fish. No sooner had I cast my hook into the water when a fish caught the hook. My mother wasnt kidding when she said her favorite/lucky hook was good at catching fish. First and last thing is, we should have known better. No sooner than that fish was on that hook and someone had started to help me reel that huge fish in,....the line snapped. and away swam the fish and my mother's favorite fishing hook. Needless to say i didn't fish the rest of that weekend.

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