Pike the lunker that almost ot away

by Blake V

By Blake

It was summer 2011 on my home, the Fox River, and like most days I went out to spend my time the best way-fish! Jumped into my canoe and put my 4' rod in the water. No sooner I was yelling and getting all excited. My rod was bent a good portion down toward the water. I knew from experience that it was a Pike, Muskie, or a Tiger Muskie. I was about ready to pull the lunker in when it made one more attempt to break free. The fight was about five minutes long. My trophy Northern Pike was 37" long with a girth of about ten inches! Tipping the scales at about 31 pounds, It was just shy of the Wisconsin state record; 38 pounds. I was pretty bummed out being eleven with the state record, but the ledged tasted amazing! The "Y" bones really were really hard to extract from the carcass. I wish that I would have kept the big old head; the thing was nearly six inches wide!! Pike is a great meal.

This is what I did: Gutted, cleaned and washed the flaky white meat (careful of the outer slime-it taste fishy). Fried up some olive oil, covered the Pike with eggs and shore lunch. Fried it-(for however long you want) and enjoy!)

All respect to the Pike that gave its life for us to eat.

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