the big shrimp

by Douglas
(Bloomfield, nj usa)

Big... something like this one

Big... something like this one

It was the end of the day and we were running out of bait. I found a shrimp that was at least 4 in. We caught it but it seemed smaller than it looked. My friend lost the bait to a pin fish. We checked the bait again and saw the one that I saw. It took the captain 3 minutes to catch it. I casted my hook but I kept on reeling it back in. Every time I reeled the line back in one part of the shrimp dissapeared, first the head, then half. I cast what would be the weirdest thing ever. The bobber went under. I reeled and reeled. I thought it got away with the bait and that it was over. I started to reel in the line. All of the sudden something zoomed near my hook and got a grip. It wasn’t over yet. It grabbed the shrimp and ran. At least I caught a spotted trout. The end

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