The High Flying Trout

by Wade W. Legerat
(Fairbanks, Alaska)

Using a wet fly and bobber combination in Lake Lisa in the Tok area of Alaska, the small (looked like 18 inch) lake trout was hooked!!! The bobber, splashing about, disappearing and reappearing, attracted the huge owl that was perched in the nearby trees. The sound of huge wings flapping and the great shadow that circled me ended with the bobber in the great birds talons and the line and hooked trout ascending into the heavens. Adjusting the drag on the reel, the 8 lb. test momentarily held the beast in a stationary "kite" position. The trout was swinging on the leader, thrashing to spit the fly and return to his domain 20 ft. below. As I heard someone yell,"Get the camera!!", the line snapped and the silhouette of the intruder with it's booty grew smaller and smaller with each flap of the wings. I reeled in the remaining line and swatted at the mosquitoes........

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