Artic Grayling Recipe

by Ken Davies
(Alberta Canada)

Arctic Grayling

Arctic Grayling

one whole grayling cleaned and dressed (fins removed leave the head and skin)
2tbsp chopped green pepper
2tbsp chopped red pepper
2tbsp chopped onion
2 thin slices of lime
1tbsp butter
1tsp tarragon
2tbspn dark rum
seasoning salt and pepper to taste

Coat the cavity of the fish with seasoning salt, pepper and tarragon.
mix peppers and onion and stuff into cavity
cumble butter into the cavity finally adding the lime slices.

Take the stuffed fish and wrap with tinfoil. Just prior to sealing pour the rum over the fish.

Cook on medium high BBQ for approx 7 min / side or until cooked through. Be careful not to overcook as the bones will pull away with the meat if overdone.

Once complete scrape skin away and using a fork tease the meat away from the medial line in the fish. This should leave all the bones attached to the skeleton
Bon Appetite

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