Biggest Bass I've ever seen!

by Robert smith
(Eldon,mo, usa)

I was in northern Missouri doing some blasting for a small town’s sewer system when I discovered an old closed quarry. I caught some of the biggest channel catfish I’ve ever seen and when I moved onto the next "hole" I swear I saw some of the biggest bass in all my time. The water was spring fed so it was clear as a bell at even 12 feet or better. I hooked one of the bass but couldn't get it up above the four foot limestone bluff. Now I tell you that those fish were the lunkers of lunkers -- I mean huge. The job ended shortly after and I had to move on. But I took home a prize -- Two 15 and 16 pound channels that tasted like a perfect buttery steak when fried. One day I would like to revisit that old quarry and hook myself a record largemouth! And that’s my big ‘ole fish story!

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