My daughter and her snag

by Dan H
(Waskom Texas)

It was a nice spring day on our little lake of ours. My daughter and I went out in our boat to do some fish'n. She is a six year old motor mouth that has no real idea of fishing yet but has a lot of fun telling me all about how she's going to catch her some fish. So I rigged up her line with a small jig and gave her a good 10 minute casting practice with the rod I had set up for her. We are fishing.....cast .....reel....cast. I'm having fun helping her with her casts and watching as she slings that hook around the boat. I catch a few bass and a crappie...while my daughter sits in frustration wanting so desperately to catch her some fish. As she started to lose the excitement her line began to stay in the water longer because she just got tired of reeling it in. On this one perticular cast she let her line go all the way to the bottom of the lake. And that's when it happened..."Daddy! Daddy! I got a fish.. I got me a big fish!! Daddy help me this fish is big!". The excitement and look on her face was just priceless.... So going along with it I got excited to. "reel it in reel it in!" I say as I'm putting the trolling motor in reverse so I don't break her line.
So she's reeling and I'm watching her line while I'm trolling backwards making sure I keep it just tight enough to appear that she putting up quite a fight. So as we pass over where her line entered the water the jig came free. She looks over at me and says "o.o man that was a big one... And it got away...what was it." I replied with a honest " it was a sweetheart". And her response was just priceless.... "I never caught a snag fish before... They must be big huh"

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