snookies !!

by joe
(bc canada)

A good sized snook yer talkin 24 inches of lean white filet each side. I like to slice the filets every 4 inches, place them in a pan and add 2-3 inches of Canada Dry ginger ale to cover. After an hour skim surface of exuded oils. and cook. Then I’d wrap them in tin foil with onions and garlic, sometimes chopped fresh tomatoes, too. Throw them in the coals like hobo dinners. The meat of a snook when you capture the flavor in the flesh is actually naturally sweet. One of the only salt water sweet fishes. Like dolphin, golden tile, and very deep fish and salt water trout. There are others. Whitting is a good, vastly underrated food fish; . and not just a food fish, a well sought after flavor fish and easy to catch. And if yer a real Floridian the baits free--. go figure !!

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